Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.
In the year of 520 DR, the streets were cold, ravaged and barren. Times were rough for the common folk while the nobles enjoyed a rich life of festivity. Behind the curtains, something was brewing. Something very sinister. Many groups planned to usurp the throne of the most powerful lich, Azalin Rex, from his throne as Grand Dark Lord. Each group had their motives, but were all secretive. Soon, a great war broke out between the Thay and the Ashmadai. This war shook the plane of Ravenloft and stirred a great reaction among the Dark Lords, as that day was the day where Azalin Rex, the most feared Dark Lord and Lich of all, was to escape the realm of dread in order to pursue a life as king of all realms, and not be a target in Ravenloft for the remainder of his years. The Thayans had Szass Tam, Legion of Bone and Lich. The Ashmadai had Asmodeus, Lord of Hell himself. There could never be a clear winner, no one stood on top. Flash forward 1,072 years and the war finally concluded. In a stalemate. The war was over a single Scepter, but what importance could a single scepter hold that created a war that lasted over a thousand years? No answer has been found, and legend says the scepter was destroyed by a third party. There have been rumors that it could kill a god on command or even become one. This war is cloaked by the Dark Ages of that time, and much was lost after the destruction in the wake of the many war chariots and red wizards. Many secrets are still held in the past, and have yet to be discovered.

The Dark Lords of the newly rebuilt plane of Ravenloft are not to be taken lightly. They too have many secrets and are revered by many as gods themselves. However, there are certain places that are not as dark and dreary as they used to be. Or that’s what it looks like from the outside.

It is now up to the players, good or bad, to rewrite history itself and finish the history books

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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