Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A Week Lost
Classified 2043b

It seemed like 5 days, but it was 6 seasons.

Maybe 7, yeah.
7 Seasons

A Week Left
Who are these people?!?! - Skyhawk


Headlines Today
A break-in occurred in the Prison, and mysterious fumes have been coming from the locked sewers. What is brewing in this city?

Kobold’s rise: This just in, over 1/5 of the cities population has fallen dead, a mysterious group of people and the police task force held off a mass of kobolds that were sent in a craze to what the police believe is a cover-up for a behind the scenes break-in to break-out a certain prisoner in the Prison. We hope the city recovers from this tragic event.

It’s all over the news, the “war”. People died, lots of them. The prisoner who the press thinks escaped is dead, well was dead. The body is missing now. After this incident we got some intel leading about to the sewers as our next investigation point. Some of us got sidetracked with other events, but I saw it with my own eyes. A man, by the name of Yorick. The Gatekeeper? No, the Gravedigger? He had so many names. Calm and collected and suddenly a booming voice as he opened a hole in the universe to travel all around. Claiming to know a “ferryman” and seemingly some sort of wannabe god of death? Seemed believable though. Then there was this guy. I’m gonna call him the Tinker. Some sort of alchemist or something. He experimented on this one dude, cut him open and stuff. Put some black liquid in, followed by some solid chunks of what looked like green ice. I’m not sure about this city anymore.

The mansion was bought, by some Half-Dragon. The place got destroyed later.
Colosseum tournament, the winners were taken, the tournament was closed early because of some flood. People were shipped off in crates through the police office, no idea what that was about. Last I heard of them.

A Week's Residence
What's that smell coming from the sewer?

It’s been a week, the new people in town seem to be keeping close contact with each other, but I’m not sure of their friendship. One of them came to me, talked to me, I told him about the project. Project X that is. Not sure what he really thinks about it, but it’s good to get as many tests as possible in before we blow it up.

We’ve been looking around for quite a while, broken down shops, choatic little kobolds and the disappearance of Half-Dragons. One of us is a Half-Dragon, I’ll be keeping an eye on him. Some sort of caster. The door in the Inn we have been staying at, the one with that cloaked man lures me closer every day. Just what is in there, why do I hear the moaning and why is the door sometimes left open?

We go investigate the city. Looks like a Mansion is for sale. I’ll look into that eventually, as of now the Mayor is acting very strange. I think he’s not all “there”. He keeps taking my words not as I mean them, and we ended up in some sort of Mafia group. Joining the police, me and my group are learning more about this city. Some hectic situations with shops, but something dark is brewing, and I’m not sure what.

Day One
A First Look

Our players take heed to their own accords and find themselves in the city of Stonehenge. A prosperous shopping city filled with a diversity of races of dragon. Deep within some continent unknown lies this stone city. And deep within this stone city lies a deeper darker secret than what is looks like on the outside.

The population of the city seems to be a large amount of Kobolds, seemingly the poorer and more crime oriented race. Half-Dragons seem to be fairly popular there as well, although we learned that something has been kidnapping particularly Half-Dragons. Weird since they seem the strongest. There are many other types of Dragons there, and the shop-owners all look like brothers, tall and slender red-skinned dragons. There are few of non-dragonoids there, and most of them are lizardfolk, troglodytes, and other lizard-like creatures. The only race that seems to stick out is the rare Dwarven shop-keeper and the disgusting creatures that call themselves Grimlocks. The police force seems strong, but we haven’t done much investigation yet.

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