Lonely half-dragon sorcerer that likes to summon stuff.


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“Now that I can summon things, I won’t be as lonely as before. At least for a little while at a time, but it’s enough, any amount of time I have them with me is still better than before…”
-Efreet, after learning summon monster I

Efreet’s mother was in a tribe of nomadic desert dwelling people, she knew all of the people of the tribe, yet she found no interest in any of them, even when she was at child bearing age, and was being pressured by the tribal elders to marry someone so that she could bear a child help continue the existance of the tribe. One night, while the tribe was camped near an oasis, and the members of the tribe were asleep, a mysterious man entered the site where the tribe was. Efreet’s mother couldn’t sleep, as she was having nightmares that night, she saw the strange man, and fell in love with him immidiately. After a short period of talk, the man had seduced Efreet’s mother, and they made love. When Efreet’s mother woke up in the morning the man had left, yet she did not tell anyone about what had happened that night. In a short time later, she found that she was pregnant. When she finally went into labor, she and a midwife went into a tent alone, nobody in the tribe knew who the father of the child was, so they were the only two there. Efreet’s mother gave birth, and the midwife found that child had scales, and she was horrified. Efreet’s mother died due to complications with the childbirth, and the midwife, being a member of an incredibly superstitious tribe, took the baby away and abandoned it in the desert, thinking it was a monster. As it turned out, Efreet’s father was really a dragon polymorphed into a human being. Efreet would have died in the desert, if he were not found by a tribe of lizardfolk. They took him in and raised him as one of their own. He turned out to be very proficient in the use of magic, so he was apprenticed to the tribe’s shaman. It wasn’t long after Efreet had learned about the basics of magic, that the human attacked. The tribes of humans in the desert had a long lasting fued with the lizardfolk due to territorial disputes. A group of humans attacked the lizardfolk’s camp at night, and slaughtered anyone they could find. The tribe’s shaman got Efreet out of the campsite during the attack, and then went back to try and help the other members of the tribe. However he failed , and the tribe was destroyed. Thanks to the teachings of the shaman and the members of the tribe, Efreet would be able to survive in the desert on his own. However, he was now viewed by the other superstitious tribes of lizardfolk as an omen of death. He couldn’t go to any tribe of humans either, because they would assume he was a lizardfolk and kill him. He wandered the desert alone for many years, often using his gift of magic for summoning creatures, so that he wouldn’t have to be lonely, at least for a little while. His wanderings in the harsh desert, fighting many monsters led him to becoming a skilled comabatant. He was wandering one night when he came to a tribe near a small oasis. There he was greeted by none other than the midwife who had been there when he was born. She felt incredibly guilty for what she had done, and decided to explain everything to him. Upon hearing what she had done, Efreet was enraged, and blinded by his rage, he killed her. The other tribe members heard what was happening, and went to investigate, finding Efreet standing over the dead body of the women, who was laying in a patch of blood stained sand. Efreet summoned a creature in order to buy him some time to escape. Fearing the retribution of the members of the tribe, he ran. He ran from them for many miles, towards another oasis he knew to be in the area. He hoped there would be a group of lizardfolk there, maybe he could get them to help him. He saw a patch of mist up ahead, and thought it might be the oasis he was looking for, so he ran into it. After running for a while longer, he was in ravenloft. After a few days of wandering, he found a traveling merchant, a human who wasn’t afraid of him. He was heading towards a city called Stonehenge. Efreet was curious as to what the human meant by “city” so he traveled with him. Eventually, once Efreet got the gist of which direction the city was in, he killed the merchant in a paranoia filled rage, and took the money he had on him, before proceeding to the city.


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