King of Stonehenge

A king of a smallish dragon city, who himself is not a dragon


He seems like your cliche once brave fighter, now in political authority, probably for his bravery in battle. This is merely speculation though, since not much is known about him. He keeps a sword sheathed at his side, so he must know how to use one.


He wears a crown, to show his authority as leader of the city Stonehenge. This city of mostly dragons, and few other immigrants, is led by this man, a human. He seems to be in the best interest of the city and holds Colosseum battles within his city every once in a while. It gets a great amount of tourism and attraction, especially when people mess around with the contestants. However, the winner gets a special prize to meet with the King, in which they end up signing up for an alleged ‘Project’ that is supposed to be an honor. No one has returned from this project to tell of it’s awesomeness. The posters for the Colosseum directly state “looking for the strongest around”. This man holds a secret or two.

King of Stonehenge

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