A prosperous shopping city filled with a diversity of races of dragon. Deep within some continent unknown lies this stone city. And deep within this stone city lies a deeper darker secret than what is looks like on the outside.

35% Kobold
25% Half-Dragon
12% Grimlock
10% Lizardfolk
8% Troglodyte
7% Dwarvern and Human
3% Other

A City where what you pay is what you own, the rich stay average and the poor get cut some slack. Kobolds take advantage of this, but many others keep in line with the city’s laws. A very old city made purely of stone.

Colosseum is the main attraction, for anyone who comes, which is usually no one.
Near no ocean zones but instead Mountain Ranges.
The Kobolds are shy, and unfriendly, and there is very little discrimination apart from against Kobolds. Humans and Dwarves are usually the shop owners along with Lizardfolk and Troglodytes. Grimlocks often are part of the low-life district.

Other races are as follows,
Spellscale Birds- prehistoric birds that have adapted just like many of the other ancient races.
Toojin- Slender tall red-skinned dragons, often mistaken for Half-Dragons
Shielded Mercuries- Scaled aliens with Dragon-like features. Often mistaken and blent in with Grimlocks, as their facial features often disgust others.


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